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Let's Go Camping

Made a trip to the cheddar curtain with Danny, Molly and Kate to take in some of the great white north and Danny's favorite band Caamp (yes, that's how they spell it).

This is the day after the concert. Danny ordered two breakfasts.

See two breakfasts

Danny was feeling insecure so he grabbed a hold of this guy.

The grabbing didn't stop with meaty (the guy in the red shirt)

Me and the Boo. That dude in the back seems awfully happy.

I am the guy whose face looks chubby.

My photography skills are on point in this picture with a guy that was in one of the bands.

We took a walk around the neighborhood.

Lake Michigan


Panoramic picture of Lake Michigan in case you can't tell.

That's us.

And that is Kate.

Nature Boy

And that's a wrap. Who doesn't need a picture by a statue?

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