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Moto FITE Klub Wakes up the World

Moto FITE Klub made a huge splash in the motocross/supercross world earlier this week. Take a moment to watch the first 10 minutes of the show. The legends of the sport came together to entertain motorsports fans around the world during these strange times.

Moto FITE Klub -LIVE on FITE PPV from an undisclosed location featured the world's biggest names in motocross and Supercross motorcycle racing, including Ryan Villopoto, Mike Alessi, Damon Bradshaw, Broc Glover, Jeff Stanton, Travis Pastrana, Ryan Sipes, Jake Weimer, and Kevin Windham

I was able to spend five days with an amazing group of individuals. These guys really brought the world to life, and you will see it for yourself for FREE during the preview show that took place around a bonfire the night before. This is some of the most entertainment trash talk that I have ever seen.

These guys bring some some big-time rivalries to life. Bradshaw vs. Stanton, Alessi vs. Villopoto and many more. Travis Pastrana squared off with Broc Glover to start the event and they set the tone for a great day of entertainment. The racing could not have been closer and this is the first time in my life that I witnessed Travis Pastrana pull off a back flip in a race.

@Swapmotolive caught this epic photo.


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