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What Happens in Iowa Stays in Iowa

We set off to the great state of Iowa in hopes of a good time ... and a football game. I am not sure in which order these events took place but they sure did. Along with them, came a few incidents of note, which I captured for you below.

The fist guy below teamed up with the dude in the muscle shirt and kicked off a great day.

Nothing says we are going to have a good time like a throwback picture.

Nothing starts without a good carry. Enter Mike (In the Gray shirt) and Al (the guy on the left that bought every piece of Iowa merchandise en route to the party, including a Yeti from the World's Largest Truck Stop).

Enter Boo. She had never been exposed to Iowa Football, so we brought her along. She's my wife, too.

As his father reminded me when he called us at the party, "Make sure he doesn't quit his day job." The whole party agreed.

Tank top guy has a very big volleyball match this weekend, so he warmed up (The long-sleeve shirt is in his back pocket just in case).

Tom Bush (with the bushy beard) resurfaced over the weekend. He brought his fiancee, who is an MMA fighter. I think the guy with Danny's finger n his chest was a big time football player.

"Officer, this guy would never break a law," said Danny after asking the officer what he thought of his guns.

Did I mention that these guys were brought onto the field to be recognized for their athletic contributions in 2004 (I thinking that date is wrong but you get it)

Long snap? Yeah, I got this.

Boy, does my face get fat in pictures.

We even had a few seats around the facility. Not one of them was bad.

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