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It all works out

It was raining like crazy as water leaked into my bedroom closet and poured through punctured drywall that Johnny Turrisi called Jimmy rigged to relieve the water from sitting in my attic. Eyes squinted because of the rain, I followed Johnny onto my roof waiving the risk of falling off of it to focus on protecting my house. He worked feverishly as I watched almost helpless.

Before our descent down the latter, he LAUGHED, SAYING WE WOULD LAUGH ABOUT THIS A YEAR FROM NOW.

Under my breath, I said bullshit, thinking about the costs associated with this hiccup to an already very expensive project.

As I dressed for work this morning, I thought about what he said and then walked outside to look at the job's completion and said to myself, it's not a year, no one is dead and gave the aforementioned laugh to an empty audience.

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