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Date Day with The Boo

After years of saying I would love to be doing that when I drive by the lake front, I finally pulled the trigger. Most of the time, I am in work mode when I see the enviable lake front in Chicago so it's easy to say the grass is greener on the other side, but I decided to find out myself on this perfect Saturday afternoon.

The goal was to jump on the train early, bounce around the city and end up at Aloha Poke Co. for lunch. We did all of that and more. While we did arrive at our desired location to eat, I thought it may perfect sense to take it a step further and go to Kenosha, Wisconsin and meet up with Kate's parents, Eddie and Jessica. Not that we needed any extra motivation to go see them, but it didn't hurt that they just bought a new boat that we were eager to see.

WE discussed riding our bikes up there, but the timing wouldn't be optimal, so we hopped on a train and made the trek. The train station was about a mile from the marina, so we cruised over and surprised them.

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