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2017 Oak Forest Bengals Golf Outing

Talk about a blast from the past. We hit up Cindy's Pub and George Dunn Golf Course in good ol' Oak Forest to kick off the 2017 Oak Forest Bengals Golf Outing. Joined by Dave "THe Cop" Mahoney (The nicest nickname I have ever given him) and Bucky Randloph on the links, the afternoon started with a quick cruise through the old neighborhood, reminiscing about the glory days. I even drove past the houses that I grew up in.

We ran into several familiar faces not all we could put a name to, but there were a few like David Bradford, Brian Kristin and our trainer Becky (missing last name. The day was forged by Coach Brian McDonough, who I haven't seen in about 20 years. He gave him the affection and appropriated nickname "Lippy."

James Crnich and Ken "The Regular" Mahoney met us at Cindy's Pub to get things started off the proper way. More of these get together are a must. Stay tuned!

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