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NASCAR Week, Days 3&4

The third and fourth days of my first-ever NASCAR week were action-pack, filled with plenty of unexpected events, including my golf cart being stolen.

Martin Truex Jr. Bites the Chicago Style Hot Dog After Winning the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 400.

Brand and Sammy from Michigan International Speedway Give Me Some Pointers.

My boss Dawn is Awesome. This is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 400 Trophy.

The E15 225 Victory Lane Set Up

Hail to the King

Richard Petty is an Amazing Story Teller

Hospitality Village. I Used These Photos to Get the Drivers to Their Respective Locations.

The Said Golf Cart That Was Stolen

The Turtles Were, of Course, Everywhere

The Best Trophy of the 2016 Sprint Cup

Martin Truex Jr. Did Minor Damage to the Foot Long

Let's Go Racin'

Back Stage Before the Driver Introductions

The Colored Version of Racing

Enter Through This Gate and Drive Behind the Tent. These were the Instructions Given To Clint Bowyer for his Question and Answer Session

The Thieves Cut off the Back Pole of My Golf Cart to Conceal the Numbers Associated with it. The Dumb Asses didn't take the numbers on the Front.

Damage Upon Returning

The Hand Model

The Report!

Proof That NASCAR is Big Business

Jeff Gordon Makes an Appearance.

I Can't Imagine How Busy This Guy is Even After He Retired From Racing

Like I said, the Turtles Are Everywhere

The Deadline Room at Chicagoland Speedway

Pit Road is Grid Locked

Jimmy Johnson's Race Team is Ready

The Calm Before The Storm

Jim Cornelison Sang the National Anthem

Go Fast and Turn Left

Joey Logano Steps on Stage

Gatorade Victory Lane is the Place to Be

The Home Stretch


Can't Get Enough of These Dudes

There They Are

Snap, Snap

Chase Elliot Almost Won This Thing. It Would Have Been the First Win of His Career.

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