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Joliet Slammers Game Night

I made good on a deal with my Dad to take him to a Joliet Slammers baseball game last night. The last time I was supposed to take him, there wasn't a game. The night I picked was from the 2015 schedule, a year earlier. I don't feel so bad because one of my co-workers did the same thing during the same week with her Dad. I actually used my learnings to inform her that she must have been looking at the 2015 schedule. It all works out for some reason. Along for the ride with My Dad was my wife, Kate and our little buddy Zander.

The Slammers dropped the game 4-3 but they made for a great panoramic photo.

This is Zander's panoramic photo; I believe it was his first ever -- not bad.

Say Cheese!

Let me tell you a quick story about Zander. He came over one day and was eating something and asked for hot sauce, claiming he liked hot sauce. I told him about Tiger Blood and explained to him that there was a reason that the bottle was half empty after a year and a half of owning it. He threw caution to the wind and dumped way too much on his food. Being the expert on hot stuff, I knew he was in trouble. I kept asking him if it was hot and he kept saying no. I knew exactly what he was doing. Fast forward about one minute and this dude's mouth was a volcano; he started drinking water like it was going out of style. I give him big props for holding out as long as he did.

Proof that the bottle is still only a quarter full.

The step brother to Tiger Blood is Burn Uranus and it's exactly what the name says

Watch this review on Tiger Blood

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