Fast food, Art and Mansions

July 15, 2016

WE took off this afternoon to eat bad food, which included a veggie hot dog and beef sandwich from the iconic Trolly Dogs in Kenosha. Once ft and full, we took off to see the Charles Durkee Mansion.


After that we went to the Anderson Art Gallery, where a display of John Burhani's art was featured. Burhani is a local Kenoshian and spent most of his life by the water.


Burhani recently lost his battle of cancer. His last painting is in the gallery below from New York City during his cancer treatments. He's standing in line at a street meat vendor. Also, there is a lighthouse on Lake Michigan that he purchased and called it his studio. Click here to read more about him.


 I try to eat good but when I don't ...

 Veggie dog lover

 Riding along 

 Some fancy cupcake place. We split all 2,000 calories of it.

 The king for president

 MY neice Abbe's nickname is "Abe" but this is a different kind of Abe.

 This is one of those second hand store that usually charge you an arm and a leg for junk

 They really want you to feel welcome here.

 Some apartments that just went up but are sold out.

 South Point Marina takes on the overcast

 Before walking in the Charles Durkee Mansion

 Here's drama outside of the garden on the friendly confines of the Durkee Mansion

 The next few pictures are rooms inside the mansion

 They even ate dinner back then

 And lunch

 They didn't do Facebook; they had cards that were mailed to other humans.

 So much for a king bed

 Before the Nintendo Gameboy, there were play horses.

 When the Durkee family got some money, they bought a queen matress

 Here comes the groom


 Burhani lived in Florida, Hawaii and Califorina, but grew up in Kenosha

 He's traveled the world and broight his experiences to his work

 His Grandmother taught him how to paint

 He went on to buy the red light house in the background

 He was the proud owner of a red sailboat that moored in the Kenosha Harbor called Zippitydoda

 Here's a self portrait of Burhani

 He enjoyed sailboat racing, but this photo seems more relaxing than racing

 I imagine this is the house he lived in

 He liked water and water makes snow, so I assume he liked skiing

 The tenderloin district in San Francisco

 The Empire State Building in NYC

 Summer in Chicago

 This was his last painting. He's standing in line at a street meet vendor in NYC

 This symbolizes California's big earthquake

 She didn't paint these

 San Francisco surfing

 The docks in NYC

 Mickey Mouse is everywhere

 That was my first cell phone but I have nothing to do with this painting

 The good ole days

 Didn't know the man but he may have been a friend of Private Eyes Gentleman's Club

 By the price of gas, this had to be a few years ago when we were all getting robbed

 A group effort

 The sky in this painting look like today's sky

 Keeping industry alive in Kenosha

 The peaceful waters

 Seems like one man is doing all of the work

 Must be a race

 Even two footers on Lake Michigan can throw you sideways


 The detail in this photo is awesome

 I am not an artist but think this started out as a real picture

Showing the sporting side of sailboat racing

Light House Facts

Year first lit: 1906

Foundation: Concrete pier

Construction: Cast iron

Tower shape: Frustum of a cone

Markings / pattern: Red, black lantern and parapet

Height: 50 feet (15 m) (tower)


 You can see this from the Boathouse Bar and Restaurant

 Another self portrait

 The garden outside the Charles Durkee mansion

 I think red was his favorite color

 Window shopping

 So many awesome views in Kenosha

 His youth?

 I would assume this painting was before he bought the lighthouse


 The art gallery

 Boo's impression of the art gallery



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