Coffee Run with a Few Stops

Went on a coffee run and made a few stops, including the Best Western to see if there was a room for my Mom to stay in. There was, we booked and she cancelled.


 Not sure why I took this picture but as you can see, that's water

 I know why I took this picture

 THis is the hotel room that we booked and cancelled within 5 minutes of the original transaction

 Kate said a thousand times that this landscape is awesome so I asked her to get a picture in front of it, and that is what she did.

 The hotel lobby at the Best Western in Kenosha. I have stayed at a lot of hotels and this is a nice one.

 She really likes the landscape

 Yes she does

 I can ride a bike and take pictures of my wife

 Double chinned selfie. Enjoy!


 If you are a drama queen, this is how you climb rocks

 Learning how to ride a bike in your 30s. Kidding.

 Let's try this new pose

 How to take a selfie and hide my double chin

 It all was made possible by having a key to unlock our bike lock


 Guy Smiley 


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May 30, 2020

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